Gate of Abyss

Gate of Abyss [Early Access] 🌎 Embark on a journey where reality and fantasy merge! Our Earth, the one you know and love, is under threat. Dive deep into its ancient secrets and defend it against menacing dark forces. In an era long before our recorded history, the world thrived with magic and wonders. Humans and the advanced Saikis coexisted, each harnessing the power of magic. But with power comes responsibility, and mistakes were made. Enter the Chthonians, dark creatures birthed from misused magic, and they now threaten to tear our world asunder. 📌 LOCATION-BASED RPG The Earth is your playground! The monsters of the Abyss are stepping into our world. Collaborate with global allies, form formidable teams with your friends, and stand against the encroaching darkness. Your hometown, favorite park, or daily commute route could be the very battlegrounds that determine our world’s fate. 🧿 CLOSING PORTALS Across the globe, portals to the Abyss have opened. From grand global gateways to regional rifts, these entry points allow the Chthonians to invade. Your mission? Close them! But beware - formidable Reapers guard these portals. You and your allies have a mere 24 hours to collectively diminish the Reaper's HP and seal these gates. Success earns you rare and potent weapons to fortify your arsenal. 🎮More excitement and fun can be had in another game from our partners: ⚔️ TURN-BASED COMBAT Engage in classic turn-based combat. Every move matters, every choice counts. Strategize, outwit your foes, and always stay a step ahead. 🌟 CHOOSE YOUR DESTINY Mage: Become a master of ancient magic, wielding spells and artifacts from epochs past. Use your prowess to vanquish the relentless Chthonians and restore magic to Earth. Thief: Step into the shadows as a cunning infiltrator. Skilled in wielding Abyssal weapons, thieves sneak through enemy lines, striking at the very heart of the Chthonian invasion. Warrior: Embrace the strength of a battle-hardened defender, trained by the resilient Saikis. As a warrior, you stand as the last line of defense against the overwhelming forces of darkness. 🏰 CAPTURE OUTPOSTS The world is dotted with Outposts waiting to be claimed. Seize them, and earn daily rewards. The more you own, the richer your coffers.
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